Abortion delay is fair

Abortion delay is fair
Sarasota Herald-Tribune, Tuesday, June 2, 2015

We’re awaiting a decision from Gov. Scott on whether to sign HB633. It would give a woman at least 24 hours to reflect on information about her unborn child before making a decision on whether to abort.

Barbara Zdravecky, CEO of the Planned Parenthood affiliate in Sarasota, has asked the governor to speak with a Planned Parenthood doctor and then “reflect” on the issue for 24 hours before deciding.

A Planned Parenthood doctor certainly doesn’t want a delay in an operation that makes him good money, with a business whose single biggest income producer is abortion.

This is like asking Scott to confer with a smoker, then wait 24 hours before acting on a bill to raise the cigarette tax.

Florida mandates waits of three days before getting a marriage license, 20 days before divorce and three days before buying a handgun. Rarely is any surgery done the same day as the consultation. So why not a short wait before an abortion, certainly an irreversible decision?

Currently, 26 states, including Georgia and Alabama, require women to wait after counseling before obtaining an abortion.

Gov. Scott, continue to keep the pro-life commitment you’ve followed in previous years.

–Jim Styer, President,
Sarasota-Manatee Right to Life

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