Scott Praises Passage of LIFE Legislation 2

Governor Scott Praises Passage of LIFE Legislation

Governor Rick Scott

The 2013 legislative session has been filled with excitement as Florida Right to Life has worked to move several bills relating to LIFE through the legislative process. This week Governor Rick Scott released a statement after Senate Bill 1636 – Infants Born Alive, passed out of the Senate Health Policy Committee.

Governor Scott said “The Infants Born Alive bill, SB 1636 – and its House companion, HB 1129 – ensure common sense measures to help care for the babies who survive abortion procedures. It is essential that we protect the weakest among us, and I am grateful for the Senators and Representatives in both parties who are supporting care for these babies.”

Pro-Life news has been filled with the tragic story of abortionist Dr. Kermit Gosnell who performed abortions and then killed the babies after delivery. This Infants Born Alive legislation is a step in the right direction so that Florida abortionists know this type of behavior will not be tolerated in Florida.

Florida Right to Life is thankful to Governor Scott for his leadership and support for this very important legislation, and we look forward to SB 1636 and HB 1129 continuing to move in the House and Senate over the next few weeks.

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