Senate Passes Botched Abortion Protection Act

Florida Senate passes bill to protect infants born during botched abortion procedures

Penny Hopper speaking on steps of the old Capitol

Capitol Steps


Today with 38 yeas and 2 votes abstaining, the Florida Senate passed HB 1129, an act relating to Infants Born Alive. Senator Flores and Representative Pigman sponsored HB 1129 that will place increased safeguards towards providing healthcare to infants born alive during a botched abortion procedure.

“Over the past several weeks we have heard horrific crimes described during the trial of abortion Dr. Kermit Gosnell, and we are thankful the Florida Legislature has taken necessary steps to ensure that similar crimes committed in Florida will not be tolerated in our State,” said Rachel Burgin, Director of Florida Right to Life.

The legislation says that infants that are born alive from a botched abortion or immediately after attempted abortion are entitled to the same rights as a child born during a natural birth, require healthcare practitioners or employees to report violations to the Department of Health, and penalties are created for violations.

“I was born alive after a failed abortion attempt. This legislation will ensure that babies who are born like I was, receive healthcare and every opportunity to survive. I have spoken to the Governor about this legislation, and I look forward to this bill being signed into law,” said Penny Hopper.  Penny is a Florida native who survived a botched abortion and was left on the back porch of a clinic.

Legislative session will conclude in four days. The remaining prolife bill that is currently waiting to be pulled from committee is SB 876 by Senator Stargel entitled Offenses Against Unborn Children. Citizens and organizations are united together for life and continue to loudly request this legislation be heard in the Senate.

Chris Gladu, Knights of Columbus, Diocesan Pro-Life Director – DOSP stated, “The Florida State Council Knights of Columbus rejoice at the passing of the Infants Born Alive Act and hope that the legislature will give the same overwhelming, bi-partisan support to protection of the unborn whose mothers are the victims of violent crime. We humbly ask Senate President Gaetz to allow this life-affirming legislation to come to the floor of the Senate for a full vote.”
Florida Right to Life

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