Tell the Senate to bring justice to victims of violence

Tell the Senate to bring justice to victims of violence, including the unborn


Friend —

If a pregnant woman becomes a victim of a violent crime, it’s common sense that harm to her unborn child should be a chargeable offense.

But this common sense law does not exist in Florida. And if the state Senate leadership has their way, it will never become a chargeable offense.

With only three days left in the session, the Senate leadership is holding up the Unborn Victims of Violence Bill — that makes it a crime to harm an unborn child during the transmission of another crime — and won’t let the full Senate vote on it.

That’s why I need your urgent help to tell Senate President Gaetz to allow Senate Bill 876, the Unborn Victims of Violence bill, to come to the floor of the Senate for a full vote.

Don’t let the Senate wind down the clock without passing this important pro-life legislation!

Sign our petition that we will send to the Senate and let’s protect life before it’s too late –>

This common-sense legislation is about justice for any victimized woman and her unborn child so please sign our petition right now.
For Life!


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