2016 General Election Endorsements


Florida Right to Life

Political Action Committee

General Election, November 8, 2016



The Florida Right To Life Political Action Committee is a single-issue committee affiliated with Florida Right to Life, Inc. After careful review of candidates’ voting records and questionnaire responses, the FRTL PAC issues the following endorsements and ratings for the Florida Primary election. Please note that districts not listed indicate either no primary contest or no recommendation.


President of the United States

                          Donald Trump                              Support


United States Senate

                          Marco Rubio                               Endorsed


 United States Congress

District             Candidate

1                 Matt Gaetz                                    Endorsed

3                 Ted Yoho                                       Endorsed

4                 John Rutherford                          Endorsed

6                 Ron DeSantis                               Endorsed

7                 John Mica                                     Endorsed

8                 Bill Posey                                     Endorsed

11               Daniel Webster                           Endorsed

12               Gus Bilirakis                                 Endorsed

15               Dennis Ross                                Endorsed

16               Vern Buchanan                           Endorsed

17               Tom Rooney                                Endorsed

19               Francis Rooney                           Endorsed

25               Mario Diaz-Balart                      Endorsed

27               Ileana Ros-Lehtinen                  Endorsed


Florida State Senate

District             Candidate

      1                    Doug Broxson                            Endorsed

      7                    Travis Hutson                             Endorsed

      8                     Keith Perry                                  Endorsed

      12                   Dennis Baxley                             Endorsed

      14                   Dorothy L. Hukill                       Endorsed

      15                    Peter Vivaldi                                Endorsed

      16                    Jack Latvala                                Endorsed

      17                    Debbie Mayfield                         Endorsed

      18                    Dana Young                                Endorsed

      22                    Kelli Stargel                                Endorsed

      23                    Greg Steube                                Endorsed

      25                    Joe Negron                                  Endorsed

      27                    Lizbeth Benacquisto                    Endorsed

      28                    Kathleen Passidomo                    Endorsed

      36                    Rene Garcia                                  Endorsed

      37                    Miguel Diaz de la Portilla            Endorsed

      38                    Daphne Campbell                        Endorsed

      39                    Anitere Flores                               Endorsed


Florida State House of Representatives

District             Candidate

      1                    Clay Ingram                                Endorsed

      2                    Frank White                                Endorsed

      5                    Brad Drake                                  Endorsed

      6                    Jay Trumbull                               Endorsed

      10                  Elizabeth Porter                         Endorsed

      12                  Clay Yarborough                        Endorsed

      14                  Christian Whitfield                    Endorsed

      15                  Jay Fant                                       Endorsed

      16                  Jason Fischer                              Endorsed

      18                  Travis Cummings                        Endorsed

      19                  Bobby Payne                               Endorsed

      22                  Charlie Stone                              Endorsed

      24                  Paul Renner                                 Endorsed

      26                  Michael Cantu                             Endorsed

      27                  David Santiago                            Endorsed

      28                  Jason Brodeur                             Endorsed

      29                  Scott Plakon                                Endorsed

      30                  Bob Cortes                                   Endorsed

      31                  Jennifer Sullivan                          Endorsed

      35                  Blaise Ingoglia                             Endorsed

      39                  Neil Combee                                Endorsed

      40                  Colleen Burton                            Endorsed

      42                  Mike La Rosa                               Endorsed

      54                  Erin Grall                                      Endorsed

      56                  Ben Albritton                               Endorsed

      58                  Daniel D. Raulerson                   Endorsed

      59                  Ross Spano                                 Endorsed

      60                  Jackie Toledo                              Endorsed

      63                  Shawn Harrison                          Endorsed

      65                  Chris Sprowls                              Endorsed

      66                  Larry Ahern                                  Endorsed

      73                  Joe Gruters                                  Endorsed

      74                  Julio Gonzalez                             Endorsed

      76                  Ray Rodrigues                             Endorsed

      79                  Matt Caldwell                              Endorsed

      80                  Byron Donalds                             Endorsed

      82                  Mary Lynn Magar                         Endorsed

      83                  Gayle Harrell                                Endorsed

      93                  George Moraitis                           Endorsed

      103                Manny Diaz, Jr.                            Endorsed

      105                Carlos Trujillo                              Endorsed

      106                Bob Rommel                                Endorsed

      110                Jose Oliva                                    Endorsed

      111                Bryan Avila                                  Endorsed

      112                Rosa Maria “Rosy” Palomino    Endorsed

      113                Jonathan H. Parker                    Endorsed

      114                John D. Couriel                           Endorsed

      115                Michael Bileca                             Endorsed

      116                Jose Felix Diaz                            Endorsed

      119                Jeanette M. Nunez                     Endorsed