FRTL PAC 2016 Primary Endorsements


Florida Right to Life

Political Action Committee

Primary Election, August 30, 2016



The Florida Right To Life Political Action Committee is a single-issue committee affiliated with Florida Right to Life, Inc. After careful review of candidates’ voting records and questionnaire responses, the FRTL PAC issues the following endorsements and ratings for the Florida Primary election.  Please note that districts not listed indicate either no primary contest or no recommendation.

Florida State Senate

District            Candidate

1                      Doug Broxson             Support- A Rating

1                      Mike Hill                      Support- A Rating

12                    Dennis Baxley             Support- A Rating

12                    H. Marlene O’Toole    Support- A Rating

13                    Dean Asher                 Endorsed

17                    Debbie Mayfield         Endorsed

23                    Greg Steube                Endorsed

27                    Lizbeth Benacquisto   Endorsed

28                    Matt Hudson               Support- A Rating

28                    Kathleen Passidomo   Support- A Rating

38                    Daphne Campbell       Endorsed

Florida House of Representatives

District            Candidate

4                       Wayne R. Harris                   Support- A Rating

4                       Armand Izzo                         Support- A Rating

4                       Jonathan Michael Tallman   Support- A Rating

5                       Brad Drake                            Endorsed

10                     Elizabeth Porter                   Endorsed

11                     Donnie Horner                     Support- A Rating

11                     Sherri Treadwell                  Support- A Rating

12                     Don Redman                        Support- A Rating

12                     Clay Yarborough                 Support- A Rating

13                     Tracie Davis                         Endorsed

16                     Jason Fischer                      Support- A Rating

16                     Dick Kravitz                         Support- A Rating

19                     Leslie Dougher                    Support- A Rating

19                     Bobby Payne                       Support- A Rating

19                     Katherine Van Zant            Support- A Rating

21                     Wenda Lewis                      Endorsed

31                     Jennifer Sullivan                 Endorsed

41                     Charles Davis                      Endorsed

50                     George Collins                    Endorsed

52                     Brian Hodgers                    Support-A Rating

52                     Monique Miller                   Support-A Rating

54                     Dale Glading                       Support- A Rating

54                     Erin Grall                             Support- A Rating

60                     Rebecca Smith                    Support- A Rating

60                     Jackie Toledo                      Support- A Rating

72                     Alexandra “Alex” Miller      Endorsed

73                     Joe Gruters                         Endorsed

80                     Joe Davidow                       Support- A Rating

80                     Byron Donalds                   Support- A Rating

86                     Stuart W. Mears                Endorsed

106                   Lavigne Ann Kirkpatrick    Support-A Rating

106                   Bob Rommel                      Support-A Rating

108                   Fayola Delica                     Endorsed

112                   Rosa Maria Palomino        Endorsed

118                   Lynda Bell                          Endorsed



Endorsements & Ratings

Endorsed best pro-life candidate in the race (our endorsement is a recommendation that our members vote for that person.

A rating where there is more than one pro-life candidate in the race, and the candidates have returned a 100% pro-life questionnaire.

(In the case of A ratings, we are recommending that a vote for any candidate with an A rating is a vote for a pro-life candidate.

Endorsements and ratings for the General Election in November will be published following the primary elections.


“The care of human life and happiness, and not their destruction, is the first and only legitimate object of good government.”    

                                                                          – Thomas Jefferson

~ Thank you for voting Pro-Life ~

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Florida Right to Life (FRTL) is the state’s largest pro-life group with affiliates throughout Florida. FRTL works through

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