Pensacola FL Abortion Clinic Can’t Open: AHCA Denies Application

TALLAHASSEE – An abortion facility that existed for years in Shreveport LA and the center of many violations and court cases under the corporate name “Hope Clinic for Women” no longer operates in the state of Louisiana. Within the last couple of months they made application in Pensacola, Florida as a first and second trimester abortion clinic whose listings inclule “July Medical Services” and under the public facing name “Hope Medical Services”.

On July 25th under Gov. DeSantis’ administration the Florida Agency for Health Care (AHCA) has denied application. The abortion clinic could appeal but we are encouraged that the State of Florida’s administrative agency is fighting to keep them out of Florida. Florida Right to Life also gives recognition to Louisiana Right to Life and Executive Director Ben Clapper for their fight to have them removed from Louisiana.

One by one we are fighting to save Florida’s preborn babies.


(from our August 24, 2023 newsletter)