MEDIA ADVISORY— REALITY CHECK ON THE E.R.A. CLAIMS: The Equal Rights Amendment has been ratified and becomes enforceable on January 27; the ERA can be formally made part of the Constitution by actions of Executive Branch officials and/or a vote of the Senate REALITY: ERA continued to suffer big federal court losses in 2021, extending a 40-year losing streak in the federal courts; the unconstitutional ERA-revival bill is virtually dead in the Senate; ERA backers are attempting to employ political pressure to persuade Executive Branch officials to ignore federal court rulings.

WASHINGTON (January 24, 2022)– Backers of the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) are holding press events on Thursday, January 27, to promote a misleading, politically driven narrative about the long-expired constitutional amendment proposal. In an alert issued January 23, the advocacy group Equal Means Equal proclaimed that the ERA has been “stolen from us,” and that […]

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