For now.

An unborn baby's heart is beating until she dies from abortion. Her brain waves could be recorded as early as six weeks.

She, along with over 800,000 potential playmates, will die from abortion this year. And powerful political forces believe there should be more abortions, even late in pregnancy, and paid for with your tax dollars.

Since 1968, National Right to Life and its state affiliates and thousands of chapters have been working to save unborn children. If you believe a life with the potential to laugh, to love, and to do great things is worth saving, please join with us.

Babies need you ...

Florida Right to Life, Inc. is a non-profit public service organization dedicated to protecting and fostering the most basic value of society life itself. Florida Right to Life seeks to be the catalyst that will bring about change in public opinion as well as the laws that govern the state.  Through education and legislation we are striving to significantly raise society’s awareness to the importance of restoring the sanctity of human life.