Often, pro-life victories come from local, state, and federal legislative wins. Florida Right to Life concentrates our efforts on supporting policymakers with the political and educational resources they need to succeed.

Please read our latest efforts and updates at the state and federal level below. And take heart in the fact that your vote—and voice—matters.

State Legislation: In the News

Florida House Passes Historic 6-Week Abortion Bill

The statement below can be attributed to Lynda Bell, president of Florida Right to Life.

Today is a historic day! Today, we expand the protection of our precious unborn babies and provide care and support for their mothers. This bill greatly expands care for our pregnant mothers with 25 million added to the budget to help pregnant mothers in need.

HB 7 passed today after a marathon hearing with more than 50 amendments offered, all were defeated.

This bill passed strictly along party lines, with not one democrat voting in favor of life. They also voted against maternal care and providing for women in an unplanned pregnancy . . . what happened to caring about women?

After listening to hours of testimony by the full house, one thing is clear. The pro-abortion left believes the answer to poverty is ending the lives of babies born into poor circumstances. That is quite sad.

I also heard the term “unwanted baby” many times. There is no such thing as an unwanted baby every year approximately one-million families are waiting to adopt a precious baby. While there may be unplanned pregnancies, those precious babies are wanted by someone!

While testifying in both the Senate and the House committees I was struck by the lack of correct science. One of the worst and most egregious experiences was listening to many legislators use scripture to defend the killing of the most innocent. Fortunately, many on the pro-life side correctly applied scripture (and science) to the issue of life.

Ten days ago, SB 300 sponsored by Senator Erin Grall with many cosponsors passed overwhelmingly; and today the final step, HB 7 sponsored by Representative Jenna Persons-Mulicka, Jennifer Canady and many co-sponsors passed!

Florida Right to Life is elated, we have worked for years and years to see this day come to fruition.

We thank the bill sponsors and the many members who voted in favor of life. We also thank the countless members of Florida Right to Life who showed up to speak and called and emailed their representatives. We could not have done this without all of you!


(from our April 13th, 2023 newsletter)

We Are Proud of Our Pro-life Governor Ron DeSantis

In a shocking and quite disappointing turn of events Florida Right to Life received a statement from Susan B. Anthony List (SBA) stating in the title: “Ron DeSantis’ Position is Unacceptable to Pro-Life Movement.” The statement was attributed to the organization’s president following an interview Gov. DeSantis had with Megyn Kelly.

The following statement may be attributed to Lynda Bell, Florida Right to Life President:

I watched the entire interview, and thought DeSantis was perfect in his response. Let me be clear . . . SBA does not speak for the pro-life movement! We are still baffled as to what they saw and heard that was offensive. Their statement has a link to the interview for all to view for themselves.

I heartily encourage everyone to watch “The Full Interview”! Our Governor restated his defense of all preborn life, saying, “I’ve been a pro-life governor and I will be a pro-life president.” I do not know how much clearer he could have been.

In the greatest of all ironies, SBA has pushed for a 15-week national standard that would allow almost all abortions in the U.S., while Florida passed a law protecting babies at six weeks also known as “the Heartbeat Bill.”

Recently, National Right to Life issued a white paper stating the Role of the Federal Government in the Protection of Preborn Children. We encourage everyone to read it. Considering the current makeup of Congress, it makes perfect sense. These protections include: no taxpayer funding of abortion, recognizing the role of parental involvement, making sure moms and babies are aware of Resources available to them, ensuring the CDC collects meaningful date, protecting conscious rights of health care professionals, among other very doable actions.

In Florida, our pro-life Governor DeSantis, working closely with Florida Right to Life, has signed a Parental Consent bill, last year’s 15-weeks bill (before the U.S. Supreme Court decision overturning Roe) and this year’s 6-week Heartbeat bill. I am not sure how that can be interpreted in any other way than being solidly in the pro-life camp!

Florida Right to Life is the state’s oldest pro-life organization since 1971. We have been at the forefront in the battle to defend all innocent life. We are very proud of our accomplishments and the accomplishments of our very proudly pro-life Governor.


(from our August 1, 2023 newsletter)

Federal Legislation: In the News

Federal legislation creates major impacts across the United States for pro-life efforts. Enacting laws that protect human life, born and unborn, has profoundly positive consequences on our society.

Though abortion is often the most addressed pro-life issue, others hold great weight at the federal level. Topics like human embryonic stem cell research and euthanasia, though controversial, must be addressed. And educating yourself on the facts surrounding these issues is crucial.

National Right to Life offers information, press releases, and key documents on a range of issues. Please learn more about their efforts here.

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